The benefits of Capi'M

For the seller (fitter)

- A technique which is quick, precise and very easy to explain to the customer.

- Significant time saving. No more free appointments to explainagain how to fit the hairpiece. With Capi'M, customers will be able to reposition their wig themselves.

- Perfect positioning for an ideal return. No more problems with positioning and slippage : the result is immaculate, the customer is happy and reassured. Positive publicity guaranteed.

- A reassuring, effective device to hand over to the customer.

- Enables simple follow-up. With Capi'M you can take correct, precise measurements: you just need to note them on the customer’s file and consult them as required.

- For new staff or those starting in the business: a very easy technique to employ, precise, very simple to explain and perform.

- Hairpieces: time saving and accurate placement first time.

For the customer (wearer)

Capi'M is a reassuring device both for salon customers and those buying on the internet. Simple, precise and personalised, it enables them to position their hairpiece correctly and/or check that it is correctly positioned.

- Avoids the need for customers to make unnecessary trips to the hairdresser in the event of positioning problems.

- Whether from lack of practice or a bad habit: avoid problems due to incorrect placement, the hairpiece is properly positioned and does not slip. Customers can now position their hairpiece themselves with perfect results.

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