The Capi’m instructions for use.

The Capi’m is a customised solution to make sure your partial or full hairpiece is positioned correctly.
Once you have the Capi’m, you can use it to put on your hairpiece, as the end of it (when it is cut to your size) will tell you the exact position in which to put your hairpiece.

If Capi’M is supplied to you by a professional, he will cut it to size for you. You can also cut it yourself. Please take time to position your hairpiece correctly and ensure that it is in the ideal position. Then position the Capi’M ( P2), mark the point where it reaches the edge of your hairpiece and cut it.

Using the Capi’m makes sure that your hairpiece is in the correct position. This means that it cannot be positioned too far forward or back, thus ensuring that it won’t slip; in turn, it means that wearing your hairpiece will be a more comfortable experience, giving you a greater feeling of security.
Positioning your hairpiece correctly is also essential for optimum results, guaranteeing a more natural look. Without the Capi’m it is not unusual to have to go back to see a professional to go over the positioning instructions again. The Capi’m can save you this time and unnecessary effort.

How it works :
- Either to check it’s in the right place: put on your hairpiece, take the Capi’m (which has been cut to your size) and position it in the nook at the top of your nose, with the other end touching your hairpiece. If they aren’t touching, adjust accordingly.
- Or by making a mark (with a make-up pencil) to use as a reference point. In this case, position the Capi’m in the nook at the top of your nose and draw a mark at the opposite end. Then put on your hairpiece using this mark as a reference point.

  • Place the rounded part in the nook at the top of your nose.
  • The other end determines the correct position for your hairpiece.

The Capi’m is only to be used for these purposes. (For external use only)
Capi’M Patent pending N° Fr 14 / 00353

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